Behind the TWISTED Brand

Twisted 7 Sauces (winner of the 2013 "Best Newcomer" and "Best Label" categories at the Fiery Foods Festival / National Chilli Awards) is based in Kent and hand makes chilli sauces in small batches from quality chillies. Our sauces are kept simple and uncomplicated, to let the taste of the chilli come through and tantalise your taste buds!

Use our sauces as a dipping sauce, a marinade or check out our recipe ideas for inspiration on how you can add a TWIST to your cooking!

At Twisted 7 Sauces we pride ourselves on using the best quality chillies available. We don’t compromise taste by using artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings.

We’re always experimenting with new flavours and ideas, so follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date!

Behind the TWISTED Brain

So, I started my working life in the catering industry as a chef.

In 1997, at the age of 15 I had the amazing opportunity to do my work experience at Raymond Blancs Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. After leaving school I went on to work at various restaurants including Hartwell House, The Montgolfier, The Orange Balloon chain and various other establishments.

In 2006 I decided to move away from the catering industry and started a “real job” – I continued to experiment with food, coming up with new recipes and perfecting old ones. Jump forward to 2012…… I found that I had accumulated quite a few Scotch Bonnet chillies in my fridge and didn’t want them going to waste. So, I put the grey matter into gear and decided it would be a great idea to make a chilli sauce. Everyone that tried it loved it (not bad for a 1st attempt!) – the birth of Hellbelly.

As I’d planned to go to the Fiery Foods Festival in Brighton, I thought why not enter it in the amateur chilli sauce competition and see what happens – things got a little more heated as I’d started a flamin’ fire in the deepest depths of my brain and thought why not create another two sauces to enter alongside Hellbelly, enter Sh*t! Haban’s and The Organ Grinder!

I was blown away when The Organ Grinder picked up 2nd place and at the comments from the judges (again not bad for a 1st attempt). Walking away from FFUK, that was it, I’d decided I’d start making sauces professionally and therefore inflict my twistedness on the public!!

Behind the TWISTED Name

Why Twisted?       Well when I met my significant other in 2007 she said I had a TWISTED sense of humour
Why 7?                   As simple as 7 sauces, I was born on the 7th and there are 7 letters in twisted….. AARRRGGGHHH 777 – worse than the devil himself...?! 

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